uPVC Windows and Doors


Our standard offer for uPVC windows Brilliant Design REHAU made in the 5-chamber system with 70 mm wide profiles. White rounded edges of the profiles are supplied with a grey seal that give a touch of elegance. The windows provide high technical parameters and excellent functional features and an attractive design.

The Brilliant Design System allows to manufacture windows in many shapes: rectangle, triangle, round, arched. The profiles come also in an array of colours and surface textures to meet the needs of individual, demanding customers.

The fittings are made in the high-quality WINKHAUS Activ-Pilot System.


Sliding doors are made with WINKHAUS DuoPort S fittings that can hold up to 140 KG weight.
Entrance Doors in REHAU Brillinat Design are very popular, because of the vast array of colours and rounded profiles. We can make a project suitable to the taste of the most demanding client. Ofcourse the doors are constructed with German WINKHAUS fittings, bolts, anchors and hinges.