Wooden and Aluminium Windows and Doors

We also can deliver ready made solutions for high quality windows and doors manufactured by our tested partners.


Wooden windows and doors are suitable for old, historical buildings. They are also chosen by the demanding clients that prefer natural materials. Choosing wood does not have to mean compromise in quality.
The vast RAL range of colours means that everyone will find a colour suitable to their needs. Aluminium windows and doors
A lightweight, yet stable and corrosion free material that can be easily formed and extruded. We provide customers with aluminium windows and doors made of high quality ALIPLAST profiles and GU fittings.
GU fitting system allows the client to choose among a large variety of opening / closing possiblities. We also offer aluminium doors with GU panic locks that are especially important important in public buildings.

ALIPLAST profiles and ready made plates allow to manufacture doors in many designs and colours and with or without thermal insulation.